The SERVE philosopHy

SERVE Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization who’s purpose is to provide young players the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to excel and compete successfully at the interscholastic, regional and/or national level of volleyball.  We do this through the teaching of fundamental and technical skills in an environment and culture that is positive and rewarding.


A clearly defined Mission Statement calls for an organizational strategy for actual implementation. As directors, Deb and Ken have sought the opportunity to create a JO Volleyball program that is in sync with their values on how to best serve this very unique community centered on the game that we all love.  At its core this is about service.  We are biblically called to serve. And any successful organization or business that is providing a product or service is focused on quality, consistency and value to its customers.  Too often, we have seen sports clubs who are self-serving and as a result the customers, young athletes and families, are not satisfied.

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